A Commitment to Sacrifice

A few years ago I read the fantastic book by Jim Collins, Good to Great. This book looks into the legacy of good companies that have become great companies, and what key attributes each company had to make that leap. The book makes perfect sense and really doesn't present anything beyond common sense. So the question I have is why are there not more "Great" companies, or brands? With over 3 Million copies of this book sold why are we not surround by amazing organizations?

It's hard work. That's why.

Even with all the steps laid out in Good to Great each step is extremely difficult. Making he leap from good to great takes unswerving commitment and sacrifice. The steps are simple. The work required is unbelievably hard and our western idea of instant gratification is against us. This is demonstrated clearly in the average amount of credit card debit we have. We can't bring ourselves to say No to something good in order to say Yes to something great. Good truly is the enemy of Great.

I can only imagine how many organizations or executive teams that have been forced to read this book, and were filled with excitement and anticipation for their future. Although when it came down to making the tough decisions, they just couldn't pull the trigger for whatever reason. It's sad yet not surprising.

While I won't say that 6foot4 is a Great company yet (long way off really), I'm working on it. I also have a commitment to each of my clients to help them become great organizations. That is why I don't work on projects in a vacuum. I look at each and every project through the lens of your organizations ecosystem and improve your brand at every turn.